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SolidWorks™ Part Design Only (PDO) or Part Design & Assemblies (PDA) are 2 add-on options for SURFCAM Traditional customers requiring world-class 3D solid modeling capabilities. SURFCAM Traditional customers also have the added benefit of maintaining associativity between their SURFCAM Traditional toolpaths and SolidWorks parts and assemblies in their CAD/CAM, design thru manufacturing environment.

SURFCAM Traditional’s powerful associativity enables NC programrs to open native SolidWorks files directly into SURFCAM Traditional, completely eliminating the translation process. When changes are made to the SolidWorks design models, SURFCAM Traditional automatically recognizes the design revisions and offers to regenerate the affected toolpaths within SURFCAM Traditional’s Operations Manager. With this simple and seamless interoperability between these two systems, SURFCAM Traditional users can quickly adapt to SolidWorks design changes and efficiently update their programming environment.

The partnership of SURFCAM Traditional and SolidWorks provides a smart, simple and efficient solution for NC programrs who required ease-of-use and world class precision and control over their NC programming environment.

SURFCAM Traditional supports SolidWorks 2014 parts, assemblies, sketches and configurations.

System Requirements:

PDO / PDA - Product Matrix:

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