SURFCAM Strategy Manager ImageSURFCAM Strategy Manager Image

SURFCAM Strategy Manager

True Knowledge Based Machining

SURFCAM Strategy Manager encompasses the best from the principles of rules, knowledge and feature based machining and utilizes these to produce a fast, reliable and highly automated solution for solids machining.

  • Reduce your programming time to seconds with SURFCAM Strategy Manager
  • SURFCAM Strategy Manager can be used to automate any SURFCAM machining application. 

Features at a glance:

  • Extends the feature based approach of SURFCAM
  • Produces machining strategies tailored to your own best practices
  • Reads native files from major CAD software without translation
  • Best-in-class feature recognition
SURFCAM Strategy Manager

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At the core of SURFCAM Strategy Manager is an easy to use, graphical flow charting tool for building flexible strategies for machining solid models. SURFCAM Strategy Manager does not impose rules or working methods, instead it allows you to utilize the knowledge of your top programmers with every part you need to machine. The process is entirely graphical and no knowledge of high level programming languages is required.

Reduce Programming Time SURFCAM Strategy Manager captures your manufacturing knowledge in a simple flow chart format to define rules governing how a part will be machined. With a few simple steps you can reduce programming time, and create consistent repeatable G code.

  • Reads native files from major CAD software without translation
  • No translation means 100% data integrity every time
  • Best-in-class feature recognition
  • Part-to-toolpath associativity, eliminating rework after design changes

Benefits include:

  • Reduce time to market and lower costs
  • Capture design and manufacturing intent
  • Apply your proven manufacturing process
  • Reduce programming time
  • Eliminate programming errors
  • Increase repeatability and traceability
  • Easy to implement
  • Edit free G-Code straight to your machine